PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits)

PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits)
PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits) PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits) PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits) PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits)
PC001 HO scale PCB ties (Turnout kits)

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HO scale PC ties for turnout.

Two set in each pack.

Factory design double side solder pad and isolate.




When we produce handmade turnout, we need to spend a lot of time to process the PC tie insulation. It’s a more troublesome thing for us. Because it involves whether the PC ties is conductive or insulated. Take our old product as an example, the whole PC board made of sleepers, We need to cut to the appropriate length and proceed with the insulation. It’s not easy to let us enjoy the fun for handmade turnout.

In order to save your setup time, we have asked our factory to produce this HO scale PC ties pack for no.4 to no.10 turnout. Even the blueprint version turnout template also can use well.

PC001 PC ties pack is designed for ElectroFrog turnout (a frog polarity need to switch). The main reason for this design is in real reason. In order to simulate the real situation, they all hope that the frog of turnout is the same as the real turnout which is welded after complete track grinding and cutting. At this point, the insulation and independent power supply of the forg are becoming very important. There are three PC ties fixed in the frog section. The part from Throw bar in front of the frog to the frog is insulated in the middle of the PC ties. The PC ties in the frog are insulated with three welding pad of different polarity. So when the user gets this set of products, he only needs to align the part of the fork for placement and then he can take out the pre-ground track strip for welding

After our actual test, whether it's on the front end of point track to the middle part of the frog and the rear stock rail. As long as the user actually welds the track strip to the PC ties, the power supply efficiency is very good. We believe that the advanced bakelite material PC ties. All of use double-sided welding plate design. It’s the best product is absolutely meet your needs.

PC001 has 10 different size and 2 to 4 isolation area in each PC ties. Each pack has different size PC ties 20 pcs. You can use it to build 2 set turnout.


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