A005 SmartSwitch jumbo set

A005 SmartSwitch jumbo set
A005 SmartSwitch jumbo set A005 SmartSwitch jumbo set
A005 SmartSwitch jumbo set

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SmartSwitch is an innovative product for a model railroad.

We use 55g RC servo to control your turnout and layout accessories.

It’s flexible installation and position adjustment.

We believe it will give you more fun on your layout control.




1. Easy to install.

2. Built-in drilling template.

3. DC available :Toggle switch or Push button switch options.

4. Remote programming technique: Improved user-friendly fully adjustable “hand throttle”.(control board)

5. Adjustable servo speed from slowest 1 to fastest 9. (factory default: middle 5)

6. Adjustable servo horn angles.

7. Dual LED displays in the hand throttle.

8. Improved servo silent technique for analog servos.

9. The virtual center line for easy trouble free mounting.

10. Minimal structural interference---the servo and its mounting linkage are compact in size.

11. More mounting possibilities---traditional, off-center or horizontal rotary installation. The servo can be installed either below the road bed or next to the turnout.

12. Adjustable servo speed and position through the programming features in the SmartSwitchTM control board to give you ultimate control for pressing the point rails against the stock rails.

13. Each control board can control up to four turnouts.

14. Can simultaneously control one or up to four servos by using one toggle switch or push button.

15. Remember the turnout positions when power is off.

16. Provides various settings for indication and signal light.

17. Low current draw. 9V is the minimum requirement for the input power supply.



SmartSwitch control board --110mm x 60mm x 18mm  (4.33” x 2.36” x 0.7”) 

Hand programming board—42mm x 70mm x 19mm (1.65” x 2.75” x 0.748” )

Extension wire 39.37” / 100cm



1.  (1) SmartSwitchTM main control board

2.  (1) SmartSwitchTM hand control board

3.  (4) 55g servo 

4.  (8) L braces

5.  (8) Φ3 x 10mm Wood Screw (For securing servo bracket)

6.  (4) Φ2.6 x 15mm Wood Screw (For securing SmartSwitchTM)

7.  (4) Φ3 x 20mm Pan Head Machine Screw

8.  (4) Hex nut

9.  (4) Φ0.6 x 100mm(3.9”) control wire

10. (2) 500mm(19.5”) long extension wire

11. (2) 1000mm(39.37”) long extension wire

12. (4) SPST 2 pin toggle switch

13. (4) 5mm plastic spacer (For securing SmartSwitchTM)


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