AP003 SmartFrog board V6

AP003 SmartFrog board V6
AP003 SmartFrog board V6 AP003 SmartFrog board V6
AP003 SmartFrog board V6

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Thank you for watching SmartFrog V6 as your layout turnout frog power routing control system.

We believe the SmartFrog V6 will be maybe the best choice for you will make for your layout.

Since ANE Model Co SmartSwitch™ system has been released, many modelers have also asked us whether we will provide any further products.

We have taken all of these questions and comments on board and decided to completely redesign the SmartFrog and now we have a completely electronic unit to direct the power to the Frog as well as now having the ability of being compatible with the SmartSwitch™ system, but, now these units can also be used autonomously to power your frogs.

After launching the first version SmartSwitch™, we gathered all opinions and feedback to refine our future products.  Thus, the newestSmartSwitch™ V4 and the advanced SmartFrog V6 are also improved and launched one by one.  SmartFrog keeps the original features and also add a new automatically controlling function.  This new function could provide frog polarity change automatically. Now, let us introduce the newest functions and install steps of SmartFrog V6 in the following:





The small size makes it suitable for use on any scale layout including G Scale.

  1. SmartFrog V6 can operate independently without connecting to SmartSwitch.
  2. Process the turnout frog power routing automatically with SmartSwitch V4™.
  3. Dual LED outputs are automatically switched by the SmartFrog V6.
  4. Connect the LED directly without the addition of any resistors.
  5. SmartFrog V6A also features the latest component design and will accept 4A power supply.

Special Features

In this new version SmartFrog V6, we are a pleasure to announce that we have added a new function. Auto Switch turnout position when the frog polarity change from trailing side. It will detect the frog polarity and help to change SmartSwitch turnout position. It can avoid train derailment happen.



42mm x 70mm x 19mm (1.65” x 2.75” x 0.748” ) 


Standards of SmartFrog V6A:

  1. Power input DC 12V, AC 16V, DCC 18V
  2. Acceptable for DC, AC and DCC power
  3. Max current 4A for any scale layout
  4. Frog polarity changes automatically
  5. DC and DCC mode switch (Better performance in DCC control)


Before your install and turn on SmartFrog V6 power, please make sure all wire connect are correct and turnout on the SmartFrog V6 power first. And turn on your train controller later. It can avoid SmartFrog V6 component burned.


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